Risco ADVANCED Monitoring

SMC and Risco Group have combined to offer a full range of solutions to our security installers nationally. Panels like the LightSYS+, Agility 4 and Wicomm Pro will allow our loyal installers to have wired and wireless solutions that meet all aspects of the residential and commercial markets.

Monitored from our two ASIAL A1-R1A graded control rooms our fully trained and licensed operators can receive alarm alerts from the customers monitored panel with the added benefit of visual verification delivered directly into our monitoring station.

Risco Solutions

Wicomm Pro

The WiComm Pro is Risco Group’s next generation wireless alarm system, offering a high-end Grade 2 system, in a new sleek, contemporary design.

Wireless alarm technology is becoming a very popular choice for the Australian security installer.

Key features include the ability to add 32 wireless detection devices with 8 snapshot PIR cameras, the benefit to choose multiple communication modules, including 4G, Multi-Socket IP and Wi-Fi. Enhanced RF ranges and 2-way repeater for improved performance and a new modular design to assist SMC installers when adding communication modules and mounting sensors within the customers premises.


The Lightsys+ is a fully equipped wired hybrid Alarm, Access Control & Visual verification panel which combines the features and benefits of both the LightSYS2 and ProSYS plus into one security solution.

LightSYS+ offers a cost effective, easy-to-install integrated solution that combines your Alarm, Access Control and Video.

Key features include a Plug-in 4G module for fast connection to the main board,  built-in WiFi module which gives the installer the ability to perform fast wire free installations and also a built-in IP module which allows fast Ethernet connection for more complex projects that involve video, access control and smart automation programming.  The solution also comes with the added benefit of having up to 512 wired or wireless zones with up to 32 keypads & up to 32 door readers available to the customer to have installed. This is a system that can allow our bureaus the ability to meet the requirements of a grade 2 residential build all the way up to a grade 3 commercial project.

Visual Verification

SMC operators can receive visual snapshots to enable us to attempt to verify if a crime is in process using the EyeWave indoor and Beyond outdoor detectors.









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