SCSI DirectWireless

Direct Wireless has the ability to deliver wireless alarm transmission to over 95% of the Australian population and is a popular option for our bureaus when upgrading customers away from traditional PSTN phone line communications or older 3G solutions.

Having been a supplier for SMC and our bureaus for over 15 years we have built a strong relationship and managed to integrate multiple solutions over this period.

Offering 4G solutions like the DirectConnect Box and Wireless module bureaus who choose to use these products can rest assured that they have been integrated into SMC with full redundancy in place.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our great wholesale pricing rates please contact us.

DirectWireless Communication Module

Direct Wireless is a dedicated, wireless communications solution for alarm monitoring only. It reports all alarm, operational status, and event messages reliably, securely, and instantly to the alarm monitoring service provider any time and any place an alarm event occurs.

Direct Wireless not only permanently connects your alarm to your monitoring service provider, but also regularly checks and tests the status of your alarm interface every 90 seconds or 24 hours depending on the service plan chosen.

Key Features:

  • 4G Compatibility
  • Rebates available from supplier direct to SMC bureau
  • Dedicated APP which allows remote access for end customer
  • Single & dual sim polling options available
  • Remote programming ability for bureau through the SCSI portal


The DirectConnect solution is deployed through a custom-configured 4G router that connects through to the SCSI private and secure network. This enables the 4G router to have a fixed IP address at all times.

Two very big advantages of a fixed IP address is that is removes the inconvenience of having to visit the device on-site and reconfigure hardware should the network allocate another IP address and it also makes the solution easy to integrate into SMC’s RVR platform which is dependent on a static IP.

SMC Bureau can easily use the DirectConnect solution combined with our Remote Video Verification platform to connect with existing CCTV equipment at the end customers address, allowing our team to carry out Video Verification of alarm activations as well as offering Virtual Guard Tours and Virtual Escorts.

Supported industries include Transport, Banking, Education, Retail, Councils and building sites without any network infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • 4G Compatibility
  • Secure and Robust Private SCSI Network
  • VPN Connection
  • Compatible with SMC RVR (Remote Video Response)
  • Great tool to help reduce man power costs
  • Supported in all Major NVR / DVR solution

* SMC only offer the relay board monitoring option with full integration set for early 2022
* SMC only carry out the monitoring of the SCSI solutions, bureaus are required to purchase the solutions directly with the supplier. For more information about the SCSI range of products please click the below logo to be redirected to the supplier website.