Emizon IP is the dual path ‘always on’ alarm signalling and CCTV monitoring service. Using the customer’s broadband service, Emizon IP continuously monitors the connection between the alarm panel and the response centre 24 hours a day, every day. If there is a problem with the broadband connection, either accidental or malicious, then signals will be sent over the wireless GPRS network so your customers can feel secure, safe in the knowledge that the alarm will always be delivered.

Easy to maintain.

The TCD can connect into the panel using the serial port for upload/download (UDL) remote servicing. Connect to the TCD remotely from your office using the online diagnostic service. The TCD software can be updated at the touch of a button.

Easy to install.

The TCD uses the industry-standard footprint and you can commission it at the touch of a button. The GPRS SIM is already enabled and the TCD can operate with either DHCP or IP (static) addressing systems. Emizon IP can form the heart of your security portfolio, allowing you to standardise your technology across all your customers, cutting their costs and reducing your overheads.

Complete flexibility.

The same TCD can be used for all grades of service and is not site specific until commissioned. With Emizon IP you can be up and running in minutes.