IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The MASMobile Classic APP will no longer be supported in the coming weeks and SMC strongly recommends bureaus and technicians upgrade to the new 2021 version of MASMobile located in the APP store.



MASmobile allows SMC bureaus to access their customers details all from a single APP installed on the users smart phone or device.

Using this technology should reduce valuable time spent onsite performing routine services calls and also gives our bureaus a better way of accessing end customer information.

Key Features:

  • The ability for technicians to book on and off test without having to phone the data entry team
  • Access to end customers alarm traffic history
  • Access to end customers details including phone numbers and address
  • Access to the end customers panel zone list


MASWeb is a web based portal which gives our bureaus the ability to access their end customers data from the office PC or Laptop.

Key Features:

  • The ability for bureaus to make simple account updates. E.G zone list updates
  • Allows the bureau to create and automate specific reports via email
  • Gives access to end customers details including phone numbers and address
  • Enables the bureau to place an account on test allowing for technicians to work onsite without setting off alarms

The Masmobile APP or Web portal should not be used when upgrading lines numbers or commissioning new sites.

For more information including how to apply for user access please contact our customer service team on 1300 102 632 or via email on

Click the link below for a guide on how to download and setup the Masmobile App.