3G Network Service Closure

Major telecommunication providers have announced their plans to close the 3G mobile network in the coming years with the exact dates yet to be confirmed by the majority of providers.

Telstra however has given a closure date of 31 August 2024 and has already started the process by switching off the 3G connectivity on its 2100MHZ spectrum back in early 2019.

Since Telstra is the most common sim card / data provider used by our Bureaus its very important that we work towards upgrading this technology.

Many bureaus have customers using the 3G network for their back to base monitoring needs. This doesn’t just include standard residential and commercial monitoring but also Lone Worker and other mobile solutions which are feeding data packets back into SMC’s two A1 R1A graded rooms.

Current popular 3G mobile solutions used by our bureaus include the 3G Neveralone Device from MCM Electronics and also the Traksafe MINI from Smartrak.

Many suppliers at the moment are offering great deals to upgrade their equipment to a 4G solution so please reach out to your preferred equipment provider.

SMC have a team committed to assisting you during this time and are able to provide data of all your trackable 3G clients, please reach out to our dedicated 3G Shutdown Team via email for all your 3G enquiries au_3Gshutdown@smc-monitoring.com

SMC’s Data Entry team is also ready and prepared to help our bureaus upgrade any monitored customers currently utilizing these networks. We encourage everyone to complete this process sooner rather than later as its very important that we all act quickly to enable a smooth transition before the shutdown occurs. Our Data Entry teams hours are 0700-1800 M-F and 0800-1500 on Saturday and can be reach on 1300-132-390

If any of our bureaus require pricing on our current wireless 4G plans please reach out to your relevant Sales Executive. More details about the range of 4G solutions SMC can monitor can be found on our website.