Permaconn GPRS is a data network that enables always ON connections. The General Packet Radio Service is a brilliant technology designed to deliver high-speed data over the existing GSM infrastructure. The data link between the Outstation and the Central station is active at all times, allowing the devices to exchange messages at any time. There are no phone call charges or call establishing delays as with the better known GSM services.

How it works:

The remote GPRS unit connects to the alarm panel via a dialler or serial interface.

  1. The GPRS unit remains online all the time, once enrolled into the system.
    The Alarm panel sends its data using the Permaconn GPRS network. If the Permaconn unit looses connectivity, it will automatically switch to the other network.
  2. The Central Station Receiver Unit (CSRU) receives the data and sends it to the automation software for processing. If one CSRU looses connectivity, the Central station simply switches to the secondary CSRU.
  3. The Permaconn GPRS system operates in private networks provided by Optus and Telstra. The VPN guarantees that all data transmitted and received is secure. Further all messages are encrypted end to end using the international Advanced Encryption Standard (AES128).
  4. True Central Station Redundancy is provided by switching between Optus and Telstra GPRS networks – unique to Permaconn. Permaconn is a totally wireless system that does not rely on wired services like Frame Relay or DSL to deliver messages to Central Station. Permaconn provides four independent paths from the outstation to the central station, Optus GPRS, Telstra GPRS, IP and PSTN, providing true independent redundancy. The Permaconn system it-self has inbuilt redundancy, the systems servers are duplicated at different locations. Proprietary mirroring software keeps all servers synchronized at all times.

Australian Standards

Permaconn is designed to meet Class 2, 3 & 4 in accordance with AS/NZ 2201.5. Insurance companies recognise the benefits of installing Permaconn and may offer genuine discounts.