Permaconn offers a secured, polled, end-to-end managed network that delivers alarm events into SMC’s two A1-R1A graded control rooms over 3G, 4G or utilising the clients ISP. Critical network servers are hosted in professional data centres with multiple layers of hardware redundancy. Numerous poll plans are available to suit multiple levels of risk ranging from Class 2 12hr polling to Class 5 20 second polling.

Permaconn’s wide range of solutions also have the ability to stream live video and offer remote video verification monitoring for our bureaus customers.

Video Verification Solution

Permaconn’s Video Verification solution provides SMC’s bureaus with an exciting new opportunity to provide premium services to existing and new customers. This solution allows SMC operators to quickly review video verified alarms within Permaconn’s automation software known as Atlas.
When a zone is in alarm, the Permaconn Video Verification service will retrieve a video clip or image from the paired camera and deliver it directly into SMC’s two ASIAL A1-R1A graded control rooms. Our SMC operator then clicks on the video verified alarm event to immediately view the related video footage.

Key Features:

  • Provides greater situation awareness for the SMC operator and first respondents
  • Reduces unnecessary patrols due to nuisance alarms
  • Increase monthly revenue for our bureaus by promoting a premium service
  • Increase customer retention by adopting innovative solutions designed to meet current & future customer needs
  • Gives SMC operators the ability to contact emergency services when we identify a video verified burglary in progress


*Bureaus must first establish with Permaconn that the above solution is compatible with the proposed NVR’s or DVR’s installed at the customers premises before sending through a commission form to SMC.

PM54 – LTE

The Permaconn PM-54 is a next generation smart communicator with high-speed internet router and Wi-Fi hotspot.

Key Features:

  • ‘3 in 1’ alarm communicator, purpose designed for alarm monitoring and remotely managing integrated alarm/ access control systems, together with Video Verification services
  • Revenue: Gives bureaus the ability to generate additional recurring income from add-on services
  • High Speed 4G: Connect any internet-ready device and view high-definition CCTV in real-time
  • Connectivity: Extend the bureau customers network to provide a 4G fall-back if their primary IP connection fails
  • Fast Installation: Plug and play install with remote configuration over 4G/IP using Atlas
  • Compatible with SMC’s RVR solution

Permaconn PM-54

PM45 – 4G

Highly advanced alarm communicator that uses multiple secure paths (4G and IP) to connect an alarm system to a Monitoring Centre.

Key Features:

  • Dual SIM + IP alarm communicator (‘Triple Path’) with redundancy
  • Automated switching between SIMs and mobile networks delivers 99.99% network availability
  • Remote programming of alarm systems (upload / download) over multiple paths – saves time and call-outs
  • Plug & Play Solution which saves bureau’s time on site while performing installation
  • Remotely controlled using our management software (Atlas) and smartphone app solutions

Permaconn PM-45

For Permaconn monitoring pricing with SMC please call 1300-791-355 or contact us.

*SMC only provide the monitoring of the above solutions, for any equipment or video data plan pricing please reach out to Permaconn directly or click on the below icon to be re-directed to their website.