Established in 1993, Security Monitoring Centres Australia (SMC) is a leading alarm monitoring solutions provider in Australia.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from our two fully functional ASIAL certified Grade A1-R1A Monitoring Centres, SMC monitors all facets of alarms including burglary, fire, duress and assets in both the residential and commercial markets.

At the forefront of our industry, our leadership is founded on our commitment to customising our service to the individual needs of our clients. We foster long term partnerships with our customers through our expertise and leadership in the security industry and a thorough understanding of your business.

With a strong customer service charter, we partner with our customers so that we can provide superior value and achieve better outcomes. With the capability to deliver best business practice service as our expertise and leadership in the security industry is founded on our stringent quality control procedures. With over 100 full-time monitoring staff nationally on roster, including 16 Supervisory staff and 2 Training and Development Officers, SMC is able to provide a standardised response to your monitoring requirements.

At SMC we take advances in technology seriously. Not enhancing our services with the latest in alarm monitoring and receiver technology means we get left behind. With our strong and technical team we are dedicated to striving to be the leaders in alarm monitoring. Current advances in wireless communications and IP monitoring platforms, enables SMC to offer a cost effective solution to your customers who may be spending large amounts on phone calls.

SMC provides services to a broad cross section of the community through its two fully functioning monitoring centres which are accredited to Australian Standard 2201 and comply with Grade A1-R1A standards set down by ASIAL. SMC can deliver specifically tailored services through its VIP Monitoring Platform which focus primarily on custom designed responses and services outside of normal structures.