Inner Range Multipath

Multipath-IP is a state of the art multiple path IP alarm transmission system. Designed for low cost monitoring through to high security applications, Multipath-IP is very simple to install using a field device called a Multipath STU. By connecting the Multipath STU to a customer’s existing alarm system their alarm system is instantly upgraded to a more reliable, high security IP based alarm transmission system, compared to the traditional dialler reporting system.

High security monitoring is achieved using a polled communication system where field hardware modules (STU’s) communicate with the monitoring control room at intervals as frequent as every 10 seconds. If these polls fail to be delivered within the allocated time Multipath IP is an agile solution which will attempt to re-establish the connection to the monitoring station using an alternative path via connected Ethernet or second Telco provider. If a failed connection cannot be re-established within a pre-determined time then an alarm is raised within the monitoring station. Multipath-IP is independently certified to Australian standard AS2201.5 class 5 which is the highest IP monitoring standard available.

Benefits of Multipath-IP

  • Cost Saving no more dial up costs
  • High security polled monitoring system
  • NBN Ready
  • 3G models available
  • Redundant IP connection to monitoring station via multiple providers (Telstra Next G,Vodafone and Optus)
  • Lightning fast alarm transmission
  • Compatible with most alarm systems
  • Remote arming and aux control
  • Web app for end user control of security areas and auxiliaries (
    Hi Level interface for IRFast alarm transmission and control of Concept 4000 and Integriti systems
  • Fully featured built in intruder alarm model (All in one)
  • Advanced Bureau log in feature allowing bureaus to monitor health stats and vitals of all their clients in real time including code changes and programming of the All in one Multipath alarm panel.
  • Secure data transmission with 128 bit AES encryption
  • Field Devices (STU)


The Omni-link STU is the most versatile and cost effective 3G/GPRS solution for IP Alarm Transmission. It is capable of connecting to existing alarm systems using its dialler capture(Contact ID) and RS-232/TTL Securitel interfaces. It has Built in Ethernet connectivity and the choice of single or dual Telco network GPRS/3G.


The E-link is an Ethernet only IP alarm transmission solution, based on the same platform as the Omni-link STU it is full upgradeable to GPRS/3G. This is the most cost effective device to transform a traditional dialler alarm system to use Ethernet/IP communications. You could insert a photo and link to download the brochure here?

All in one The Multipath IP

All-in-one Communicator bridges the gap between the alarm panel and transmission system by combining both devices into one simple to install solution. It features a fully functional 10 zone alarm panel with dual polled 3G/GPRS + Optional Ethernet transmission paths.

It is fully programmable from the Central Station or Bureau Multipath software via the internet. This provides the Central Station/Bureau installer ‘always on’ access to change user codes and programming without the need for old tech ‘dial in’ PSTN lines and modems.