With SMC’s national monitoring platform, monitoring and phone calls can be switched between our two monitoring centres within minutes.

Maintain a high level of service delivery

Security Monitoring Centres Australia (SMC) operates two fully functional and operational Response Centres. SMC maintains both centres at Grade A1-R1A level and to Australian Standard AS2201.2. We have in place Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans which cover any event imaginable. SMC’s national monitoring platform, coupled with our dual redundant configuration allows SMC, in the event of a natural disaster or technical issue to divert calls and all workload to either Monitoring Centre seamlessly. Monitoring of alarms and answering of incoming calls can be switched between either Monitoring Centre within seconds, allowing a continuous level of service delivery.

The SMC 24 hour in-house technical teams, located nationally are available to respond to any fault at any hour. They are an integral part of the successful running of our business.

To comply with the Australian Standard, both Monitoring Centres are required to maintain and have at the ready, a self contained uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and sufficient fuel reserves onsite to support the continuous operation of the diesel generators for a minimum of 12 hours requires verification, before refuelling is necessary.

SMC takes its infrastructure very seriously, and undertakes strict maintenance and testing procedures to provide a high level of service delivery around the clock for your customers.