AJAX Systems is one of Europe’s largest security system manufacturers combining Wired and Wireless technology using the 915 MHZ frequency band.

The product range consists of over 50 wireless and wired devices for indoor and outdoor security use. Ajax has been installed in over 130 countries across the world providing a great solution for SMC bureaus and their customers.

Utilizing the SIA-DC09 reporting format SMC can monitor alarm alerts direct from the Ajax panel allowing our fully trained and licensed monitoring operators to take decisive action ensuring our customers assets are protected.

AJAX Systems

Hub Wireless

Ajax Hub provides a wireless monitoring experience for bureau customers by enhancing the performance of each device in the system. It monitors and controls network devices and collects data using Jeweller, our advanced wireless connection technology.

The hub analyzes threats, filters false alarms and alerts you of any real danger. Additional protection against sabotage makes Ajax Hub unassailable, along with any premises it protects.

Key Features:

  • 100 Connected Devices
  • Up to 25 IP Cameras or NVR’s (See Integration List)
  • 50 Users & Rooms
  • Fast installation time
  • 9 Security Groups
  • Allows for the connection of 5 x REX/REX 2 signal repeaters
  • Supports MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor
  • Dual 4G SIM slot for communication Channel
  • Onboard Ethernet for Communication Channel
  • 16 Hour back Up battery

Hub Hybrid 4G (Wired)

Hub Hybrid is the first Ajax control panel supporting Jeweller devices and the all-new Fibra product line. Wired and wireless technologies are combined to build complex protection regardless of facility size, steel or concrete obstructions. Security is enhanced by informative notifications, photo verification of alarms direct to end users phone, real-time system control in the app, and automation scenarios.

AJAX Systems

Key Features:

  • Ethernet
  • 3G & 4G
  • Photo verification support *note SMC not performing visual verification.
  • Video surveillance support *note SMC not performing visual verification.
  • Automation scenarios
  • Push notifications, calls, and SMS to inform users
  • Connection to CMS
  • In-app control and configuration
  • 8 Fibra lines for wired devices
  • Up to 2,000 meters of wired and wireless communication range with devices

*note SMC do not perform visual verification from the Ajax range of solutions

For any more information about Ajax’s wide range of products please click the below link to be redirected to the supplier website.

AJAX Systems