An effective fleet management solution needs to be easy to use – as well as delivering accurate and meaningful data. As well as superb hardware, Smartrak is also an extremely powerful GPS tracking system that’s intuitive and easy to use – for everyone. In short, they design exceptionally good products that people find incredibly easy to use.

Find N Secure – Personal Safety Alarms

Employers have a duty of care responsibility to their employees who work alone to ensure they can call on assistance when required. The MCM GT500 Personal tracking solution is designed for lone workers who are at an increased risk of injury in their daily working environment due to the nature of the tasks they complete while away from the assistance of others.

Skynet Satellite Communication

SkyNet’s focus is on delivering communications beyond the horizon, and they do that by sending information anywhere in the world, no matter how far or remote. Their solutions and products use satellite technology in order to transmit real time data from the device to servers which translate the data into information you can take action on.