Gallagher is proud to offer is new fully integrated cloud-based security system for businesses ranging from small to medium. Providing alarm management, access control and user management all within the Gallagher SMB mobile app and the comfort of being monitored by the highest graded ASIAL control rooms within Australia.

Gallagher SMB Controller 6000

The Gallagher SMB Controller 6000 is a highly sophisticated interface that communicates with cloud servers and monitored devices, allowing users to manage intruder alarms, access control, and site management tasks from their mobile device and be monitored within SMC’s two A1-R1A control rooms for ease of mind to the end user.

Key Features:

  • Controller is updated automatically with the latest firmware including new functionality and any necessary cyber security updates.
  • Controller data is securely stored and backed up in the cloud.
  • Controller can be supported with an optional 4G cellular back-up, which re-connects to the cloud to ensure redundancy if the site’s local internet connection is lost.
  • High-speed encrypted RS485 connectivity and software updates to field devices.
  • Strong authentication and encryption between the controller and AWS cloud server.
  • Remote configuration through the Installer Configuration application.
  • Access control support for up to 10 doors.
  • An unlimited number of alarm Areas.
  • An unlimited number of users.
  • 80,000 system events can be stored locally if the Cloud is temporarily inaccessible.

Gallagher Kit

The Gallagher SMB Base Kit contains all necessary hardware to get the end users system up and running, arriving to the installer with ease as the solution is pre-assembled within the cabinet. An optional SMB Permaconn Kit can be added to the Base Kit to provide a backup 4G cellular connection or alarm transmissions to support back to base monitoring from SMC’s two A1-R1A graded control rooms.

Kit Contents:

  • Gallagher SMB Cabinet
  • Gallagher SMB Controller 6000
  • Gallagher SMB 8In Board
  • Gallagher SMB 8In 4Out Board
  • Gallagher SMB Fire Fuse Relay Board
  • 3.5A Power Supply
  • SMB Permaconn Kit (optional)


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