NEVERALONE – Personal Safety Alarms

The SAFETYwatch® from MCM Electronics is a new mobile wearable 4G LTE GSM safety solution. It combines GPS/GNSS, WiFi and Bluetooth 5 wireless technologies to achieve excellent communication and great battery life.

The emergency button on the SAFETYwatch® can be pushed if the client is feeling under duress or needing emergency assistance. An emergency alert with your location will be sent to SMC’s two A1-R1A ASIAL graded control rooms with our fully trained staff then calling the device to ascertain the situation that is occurring onsite and then follow the customer’s specific response plan.

The solution is perfect for in home support workers, social workers, nurses, retail staff and anyone working alone.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof to IP67 standard
  • SOS Alert
  • Voice Prompts give audible feedback
  • One or two way voice communication
  • Fall Detections
  • Geo-fence Alerts
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Check In / Out
  • LTE 4G GSM Network enabled
  • Bluetooth 5 to improve indoor location
  • Vibration alert gives silent / discrete feedback to user
  • Monitored within the only two control rooms in Australia with A1-R1A accreditation

*SMC only provides the monitoring of the Safetywatch solution with all devices to be purchased directly through the supplier.