Smartrak offers an integrated map platform that visualises vehicles and personal safety devices in a single interface. They offer a range of lone worker products for personal duress and vehicle-based monitoring purposes. Their solutions vary between devices which can offer Cellular or Satellite tracking technology whilst also offering services such as Manual Duress, Inactivity Detection, and Timed Check-In. All the below solutions send a duress alert back to SMC’s two A1-R1A graded control rooms which triggers our staff to follow the customer’s specific emergency action plan all whist utilizing the Smartrak mapping portal to track the end customers location.

SMC and Smartrak have also had success by combining this technology with video monitoring solutions to help protect victims of domestic violence.


The Protector Pro is one of the most advanced cellular based personal safety devices in Smartrak’s portfolio. Designed for individuals often working alone in high-risk environments.

Key Features:

  • Manual Duress
  • Timed Check-in
  • Inactivity detection
  • Two-way voice via 3G/GSM with SMC


The Mini PL provides discrete personal safety to staff operating in at risk roles. Due to the small form factor and design, it is easily mistaken as a remote. Used extensively in urban environments for staff doing offsite visits i.e. outpatient check-ups by nurses or real estate agents doing open for inspections.

Key Features:

  • Manual Duress
  • Works on 4G cellular networks in Australia and New Zealand
  • Compact and lightweight – fits easily in a pocket or handbag


Extensively used by emergency services and law enforcement agencies, the Personal Locator provides core personal safety support via GPS tracking and duress functionality. Administrators in the office can easily track the device and learn the user’s location, and a simple duress button can discretely trigger an alert monitored by our two A1-R1A graded control rooms.

Key Features:

  • Manual Duress
  • Robust
  • Large, central button triggers an emergency alert


Supporting welfare of staff in the field who operate in volatile, high-risk environments such as gas refineries, mines, farms, and chemical storage facilities. The intrinsically safe rating ensures the Protector Ex is safe to use around volatile gasses, powders, or liquids without risking static electricity or heat discharge from the device igniting the surrounding volatile materials. The features at the same as the Protector Pro, but with the intrinsically safe certification.

Key Features:

  • Manual Duress
  • Inactivity Detection
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Timed Check-in


Commonly matched up with staff such as water/gas meter readers and animal control staff, the emergency dash switch ensures even if a staff member is unable to make a call or doesn’t want to escalate a situation, they can still signal for assistance.

This combined with Smartrak’s Duress Pendant which leverages RF (radio frequency) communication back to the in-vehicle AVL to transmit duress all within a 200-metre radius ensures the end customer has multiple ways to trigger a duress if ever required.

Emergency Dash Switch and Duress Pendant

* SMC only provide the monitoring of the above solutions, bureaus are required to reach out directly to Smartrak for equipment purchases.

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