Protect Yourself from Communication Failures

The GSM backup option is a cost effective way for a dialler alarm to send a signal to the Monitoring Centre receivers in the event that the primary telephone line is not operating.

Telephone line failures can occur through deliberate or accidental action. By utilising the GSM backup option, the ability of the alarm system to communicate in the event of a main line fail is maintained to a high standard. The alarm system continually monitors the phones line for connectivity, and when it is lost, the GSM will automatically take over, allowing the continuation of vital alarm signals to the Monitoring Centre.

For the GSM backup unit to work effectively, it must be installed in an area that has good mobile coverage. Consult your alarm installer for the best options on utilising the GSM backup option. The system requires a SIM Card to operate and is generally the responsibility of the customer to maintain.

GSM coverage may not be available in all areas, and some environmental issues may also interfere with the GSM signal. Consult with your alarm service provider to discuss a solution that best suits your needs.