With a remote video surveillance monitoring service, you can be certain that all of your assets are protected 24/7, 365 days a year. Remote Video Response (RVR) brings a level of certainty in an increasingly uncertain world, putting you in control.

The best protection of people, property and assets goes beyond just having the most advanced video surveillance and security systems. By adding Chubb Remote Video Response services, you can benefit from optimised performance and save time and money.

Video surveillance systems on their own simply view and record crime. When combined with a professionally delivered remote video monitoring service, the effectiveness of the system is raised to a new level by providing many benefits of a manned on-site presence at a fraction of the cost.

What Remote Video Response (RVR) can provide:

RVR Services

Alarm verification

Intruder alarms are responded to by initiating a connection to the video system where operators view live video and determine future action.

Virtual Escort

On-demand virtual security escorts for specific high risk activities such as lone workers entering or leaving the premises, deliveries of cash or valuable goods.

Virtual Patrol

An effective alternative or addition to guard based manpower, operators connect to the premises video system at routine scheduled times.

What are the benefits of RVR?
  • Maximises the benefits of your existing intruder alarm and video surveillance systems
  • Visually verified events enable a faster response
  • Improved situational awareness of our operators ensure that the appropriate response is initiated when an event is taking place.
  • If crime in progress is verified Police can be contacted
  • Eliminates unnecessary guard patrols – saving you money
  • Meets the demand for greater safety of employees in the workplace
  • Protects businesses when left unattended at night, over weekends and public holidays

For a demonstration of Remote Video Response or further information, please contact our sales team on 1300 791 355