• Customers are at the heart of everything 
    we do. Rather than an  independent operator,
    we actively see ourselves as
    extended members of your team.

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  • Reliability you can trust.
    Our total service solution of sophisticated
    alarm monitoring services and highly skilled
    operators make us a reliable partner
    for security system specialist.

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  • We recognise that time is a valuable asset to you.
    Our products and services are designed to simplify
    complex processes, saving you both time and
    money along the way.

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  • You can rely on us. From alarm handling statistics
    through to customer satisfaction grades, we ensure
    that each aspect of our business is meeting the
    rigorous standards set by our industry.

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  • Monitor

    SMC provides alarm monitoring solutions for business and residential applications of all sizes. We partner with security system specialists who connect their clients to our monitoring services so we can respond to alarm signals 24/7.

  • Alert

    SMC operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for two ASIAL certified Grade A1 Monitoring Centres. With SMC's national monitoring platform, monitoring and phone calls can be switched between our two monitoring centres within minutes.

  • Respond

    SMC utilises advanced technologies, robust procedures and continuous training, to provide the most dynamic, personalised and professional monitoring and response services for our customers.